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This Modern Log Cabin Would Really Confuse Daniel Boone

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Originally designed as a challenge to see whether a home in frigid Bigfork, Mont. could subsist without heat, this ultra modern take on the classic log cabin forgoes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for an "innovative insulation method" of stacked cordwood that "allows the home to harness heat from a radiant floor system," as well as several fireplaces. Built by Texas-based architect Arthur Andersson, the lakeside compound is made up of a master house, guest house, and separate kitchen, all connected by pathways to create a "camp-like atmosphere."

"From a distance you don't know what it is," says Andersson of the stacked wood dwellings. "It certainly doesn't look like a house. It doesn't even look like a building." Inside, though, the decor is decidedly rustic-chic and homey, with a a bedroom propped up on supports, delicate winding stairs, and unfussy sitting rooms. Take the full tour, this way.

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