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Vietnam's Thatched Dome Puts Every Last Starbucks to Shame

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For all of Starbucks' efforts to craft architecturally stimulating spaces—think Neutra-inspired, apothecary-themed, and beyond—not a single one has an espresso shot on the temple-like, airy coolness of the Salvaged Ring in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Designed by local office a21studio and somewhat reminiscent of Kengo Kuma's pile o' sticks restaurants, the entire coffee house is made from a delicate, spiraling skeleton of recycled scrap wood that lead architect Toan Nghiem has collected throughout his career, and is reinforced with natural materials, including some surprisingly sturdy coconut leaves. At the shop's center, there's an airy courtyard, as well as additional seating in an open upper level just outside the seashell coiled wooden roof. Find a few more shots below, then head over to Dezeen for the full gallery.

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