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10 Incredible Spaces Contending for 'Interior of the Year'

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Shen Zhonghai

The INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors has released its 60-strong list of contenders for its 2014 Interior of the Year award. Come this October, in what is basically the WrestleMania of interiors, three-score rad design projects will enter a veritable deathcage, competing head-to-head through live presentations and debates, and only one can emerge victorious. The full list of nominees includes an advertising agency with a 1,100-foot-long "Superdesk," a warehouse full of lime-green shipping containers, a six-story temple to Johnnie Walker whiskey, and much, much more. Peruse some of the strongest contenders below:

· Sixty nominees announced for the INSIDE World Interior of the Year 2014 [Bustler]