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Count the Bison in NYC's Most Taxidermy-Filled Apartment

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For some, the wonders of nature are too majestic not to have stuffed, mounted, and hung above the chaise longue. For an especially committed subset of that worldwide fraternity of taxidermy lovers, there's no need to put away one's collection of fauna when shooting listing photos. After all, who's to say that a roaring catamount can't bring together a living room? Recently profiled in the New York Times is the Upper West Side apartment of author, journalist, and socialite Gregory Speck, which gives the most taxidermy-filled home in Brooklyn a run for its money. Apparently there are over 200 dearly departed furry friends decorating the place— acquired from "museum liquidations, taxidermist castoffs and hunters whose wives wouldn't allow them to hang their trophies in the house"—so many that, rather than go through the hassle of taking them down to document the place for its $3.395M entrance onto the market, Speck had the Halstead Property marketing team digitally remove them. Behold the rest of this menagerie below, and head to Curbed NY for the retouched, fauna-scrubbed glamour shots:

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