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Precarious Copper Beach Cottage Hides Secret Rooms

Situated on a steep, extremely narrow plot of beachside land that formerly housed an 1890s cottage, this petite vacation home in Coogee, Australia looks as unassuming as a shack from the street view, but hides a cascading, snake-like tumble of secret rooms in the back. Built by local architects at the Takt firm, the slim structure sits atop a concrete slab base, and separates into three tiny, box-like volumes topped with "butterfly roofs." The angular, repeating shape filters in natural light, but does it without sacrificing privacy from the tight ring of neighbors.

What sets the home apart from its equally precarious compatriots (there's a market for such daredevil getaways, it seems) is its distinctive coppery façade. "The exterior copper cladding is a response to the coastal location and the effect the salty and humid atmosphere has on surfaces," explains the design team. "It has already developed a patina that will only improve with age." More photos, right this way.

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