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NYC Apartment Goes Wild With 200 Taxidermied Animals

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We at Curbed Ski see our fair share of ski homes overdone with taxidermy and antlers. And while we prefer the new modern chalet aesthetic, it's true that ski towns have a love/hate relationship with dead animals, navajo print, and the wild, wild west. But what really gets us is when properties outside ski country (like this beachside Florida condo) use the worst in ski town decorating to excess. Take this two-bedroom apartment in NYC's Upper West Side, now on the market for $3,395,000: pretty much every inch of wall and floor space is covered with over 200 bison, snowshoe hares, and taxidermied deer. And because the realtor understands that all that death makes for bad staging, the listing photos come with and without the specimens digitally removed. So tell us Curbediverse, if taxidermy is mildly terrifying in ski country, how's it look in NYC?

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