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Peek Inside a Delightfuly Pared-Down California Cabin

In the seemingly serendipitous fashion that micro-homes always seem to emerge—one day you're watching the sunset on a picturesque hillside in West Virginia, the next day you're doing so through a wall of windows in an found-material hideaway that, though lacking in running water and electricity, is nonetheless cuter than the cutest of buttons—this tiny cabin came from a trip that designer Mason St. Peter took to visit a friend in Topanga Canyon. After "instantly falling in love with the place," a conversation with the property owner about rentals soon led to an invitation for St. Peter and his wife, artist and photographer Serena Mitnik-Miller, to build a place of their own on the site with leftover materials he had lying around. After clearing the site and cataloging what they had to work with, the couple set to building a tiny shelter that, on the inside, has little more than a bench, some built-in shelving, and a sleeping loft. Which doesn't seem like much, but there have been living spaces proposed with less.

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