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You Won't Believe What's Inside this Montana Estate's Garage

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This Bozeman, Montana mansion just might have the most bizarre garage we've ever seen (and we've seen a lot, like this fancy-schmancy garage in Aspen). The 4 bedroom, 8 bath home sits on over 40 acres of land and the $7.8 million listing boasts some serious broker babble. There are "intricate carved temple doors" and some items "over 800 years old" (we have no idea what these potentially creepy items might be). And while the garage may be a measly 3 cars big, it has an inexplicable couch and lounge area more fitting of a Miami club. A closer look reveals that the heated garage currently houses some motorcycles, but we're at a loss for why you might need an extra couch (and bad yellow rug) in a 10,923 square-foot home. The timber and stone centric abode is offered with furnishings for $8.1 million, which means not only will you get to keep the trend-setting "garage couch," but also you'll score the kitschy red gondola in the living room and a sweet movie poster of the 1984 ski cult classic Hot Dog.

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