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Stockholm Storage Unit is Cuter Than Most NYC Apartments

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Whether it be due to the newfound trendiness of exposed concrete and multi-functional beds, or the long-enduring appeal of micro homes, this Stockholm storage unit somehow manages to blow teensy stateside apartments (as in spaces not formerly used to stash dusty old furniture for 30 years) right out of the competition. Local architect Karin Matz first came across the 387-square-foot room in the midst of a city-wide housing shortage, and immediately fell for the sunny space, despite the fact that its previous tenant had abandoned all renovation efforts on the 1980s. "Time had been frozen," says Matz. "Wallpaper was half removed, only a few tiles and a kitchen faucet were sticking out of a wall, there was no electricity and a bathroom with signs of rats as inhabitants."

Matz reinstated the dramatic overhaul efforts in just one corner of the space, transforming the kitchen, bedroom, and storage area into almost a pod-like cube thanks to stackable IKEA furniture and a lot of fresh white paint. The rest is almost completely untouched, providing contrast between the sleek kitchen and bedroom and the raw, exposed walls in the otherwise very sweet, sparsely decorated living room. Take the full tour, this way.

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