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Lighthouse'd SoCal Estate With Hollywood History Asks $25M

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Location: Laguna Beach, Calif.
Price: $24,950,000
The Skinny: This nautically themed 1929 home in Laguna Beach exudes the stagey feel of a Hollywood picture—one where a sea captain's gruff-but-lovable ghost might haunt a comely 25-year-old spinster/governess, or the mismatched protagonists of a screwball comedy might meet, drink loads of gimlets, get married, get divorced, and get remarried, all in one zany weekend—for a very good reason. Per the listing, it was actually designed in part by a studio set designer who, appropriately enough, was the art director on The Mutiny on the Bounty. The Tinseltown history doesn't stop there, as the home was reputedly built by members of D.W. Griffith's extended family, and served as a popular filming location during the silent movie era. Granted, the showbiz connections could be nothing more than twice-told family legends leavened with a healthy dose of glittery, price-boosting "Hooray for Hollywood" hucksterism, but when a quaint old cliff-top home comes with a lighthouse, a swimming pool carved into the rocky shore below ("replenished daily by the ocean tides," gushes the listing), and fixtures reclaimed from wooden sailing ships of old, the temptation to accept the brokerbabble at face value is strong indeed. The home and its private beach is asking $24.95M.

· 40 N. La Senda Drive, Laguna Beach, Calif. [The Stanaland Group]
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