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'Playful' Modern Spread Looks Like it got Lost During a Hike

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It isn't all that obvious at first glance, but this boxy, ultra-modern family home in Launceston, Australia was a site specific project, designed by Australian architect Philip M Dingemanse to leave a small footprint and to require an even tinier budget. Split into multiple levels and cleaved open in the middle to make space for an outdoor living room, the structure looks more like a lego creation than the average hillside cottage, and—according to the design team—resembles "just another highway directional sign, vehicle, billboard or piece of public art" from passing cars' views. Despite its rather futuristic exterior and angular, glassy, and occasionally shockingly blue walls inside, the place still feels cute and "playful," all the same. Take a look, below, then head over to Arch Daily for the full gallery.

· Southern Outlet House / Philip M Dingemanse [Arch Daily]