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Even Prince Wouldn't Approve of This $1.195M Purple Atrocity

Though Curbed Philly astutely pegs this $1.195M market newcomer as the design aftermath of Prince moving in with Liberace, the listing photos show interiors that are somehow—against all odds—even more over the top than any home the either gentleman has ever deigned to step foot in. Having not learned from its all-purple predecessor, the entire three-bedroom, 2,838-square-foot pad is done up in overwhelmingly plum shades, accented only by the occasional butterfly mural, slab of green marble tiling, and a liberal dose of pastoral, hand-painted frescoes. As for the decor, not a single room is spared from the decorator's drapey, lace-inclined vision, but the living room is the clear winner (or loser?) Either way, keep an eye out for a jellyfish chandelier, gilt candelabra, and the world's tackiest piano below:

Enter, if you dare. >>