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D.C.'s Washington Post Mag Cover Star Lists For $1.25M

It was just about six years ago that Jeff and Alice Speck celebrated the completion of their new home, a contemporary spread described in the September 2008 issue of The Washington Post Magazine as a "brick-and-glass aerie," by smashing a bottle of champagne "across the prow." Mr. Speck, an designer/urban planner spent the better part of two years overseeing the construction of the four-story spike, working and reworking to accommodate the wedged lot. "Some things had to be built twice," he told the magazine in '08. "Flatiron lots are not the solution if you want to save money."

He brought in things like a steel staircase (roughly five tons), wood-burning fireplace (occupying the pointy bit of the house's slice shape), cantilevers, and concrete slabs. It seemed such a labor of love—their kid was born days after its completion, for goodness sake—that it's kind of surprising the 2,160-square-foot pile is on the market not even a decade later. The four-bedroom, dubbed by WaPo "one of th e most unique homes in Washington D.C.," is asking $1.25M.

· 990 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. [Estately]
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