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1923 Nantucket Boathouse Sells For First Time, Gets $3.6M

Although Curbed commenters were less than impressed by this 1923 Nantucket boathouse, the historically significant spread managed to find a buyer after spending just 57 days on the market. To refresh, the 3BR, 2BA was "designed by and built for Austin Strong, first Commodore of the Nantucket Yacht Club and founder of the Rainbow Fleet, being offered for the first time by his descendants." The heirs were looking to unload the 1,456-square-footer for $4,250,000, prompting an "Are you kidding me? $4 million?" in the comments. While the final sale price came in $650,000 below the ask, it's still rather impressive at $3,600,000.

· Listing: 10 Old North Wharf, Nantucket [LINK]
· 1923 Nantucket Boathouse Lists For First Time, Asks $4.25M [Curbed Cape Cod]