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Mansion Designer Richard Landry Lists Personal Manor for $9M

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Renown megamanse master-builder Richard Landry (who boasts fans like Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg, and, now, Dr. Dre) just listed his personal bloated manor, a "contemporary interpretation of a classic barn house" for $8.995M. This means the world is treated to photos of the personal abode of one of the most ridiculous xanadu designers on God's Green Earth. It's a "barn" complete with such "classic" barn features as a porte de coche, distressed alder wood cabinetry, and a "corrugated metal tank swimming pool." The listing photos, snagged directly from the house's June 2001 Architectural Digest feature, also show off, as AD once described, its edifice made of "split-face concrete blocks, roughsawn wood and a standing-seam metal roof." The bathrooms are those sheet metal "silos" seen from the outside, while the interiors feature "stained-concrete floors and trusses and posts from old Canadian barns."

More great quotes from the Arch Digest piece of yore:

"Revisiting his childhood home, Landry discovered that the barns in which he had once played were being replaced by fire-resistant metal sheds that were easier to maintain. For farmers, practicality outweighed nostalgia, and they were eager to give away decaying timbers in order to clear the ground for new construction. Landry, his partner and his brother located five decrepit structures, and they selected two that had never been painted and had weathered to a silvery gray. 'We measured and numbered every beam, bracket and length of siding and had them trucked to L.A.,' Landry recalls. 'We had to decide how to use each piece. I could have ordered more, but I wanted to use the old timber with restraint, not make a literal re-creation of a barn.'" oh, and Landry is quoted as saying

"When I design for others, I try not to impose my ideas, but here we wanted to have fun and not worry about resale value." Here's hoping he doesn't regret that flight of fancy. · 3020 Corral Canyon Rd Malibu, CA [Redfin]
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