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L.A. Compound Would Love to be Mistaken for the Getty Center

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What sits on a hill overlooking L.A., is covered in tavertine stone, features "monumental scale & proportion," and is an all-around "art collector's dream"? L.A.'s Getty Center and this recently constructed gated compound, which is trying really hard to cash in on Getty Center love. But whereas acquiring Richard Meier's 1997 masterpiece would set you back billions, this temple-like, 9,300 square-foot-mansion wants $12.5M, which would sound like a comparative steal, if it weren't just a residential knock-off. Aside from a whole lot of architectural yearning, this four bedroom offers a "superb chef's kitchen" with a "breakfast area overlooking reflecting pool," 3.2 acres with "endless hiking trails," a "swimmer's & diver's pool" with a "sun-drenched pool deck," and a fireplace-equipped "entertaining loggia." It's probably safe to say it won't be ending up in any model museums anytime soon.

· 2251 Linda Flora Dr [Zillow]