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Swedish Students Built This Perfect, Solar-Powered Tiny House

Whether its because of creativity, youthful pluck, or looming thesis deadlines, architecture students have a way with drumming up some of the world's coolest small-scale projects, from converted school bus houses to dystopian cities made from grown-up Tinker Toys to zero-square-foot cocoons. Here we have the 645-square-foot passive house built by 25 students at Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology. Halo's passivity—meaning it produces as much or more energy than it uses—is owed to its curving roof, made from "monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic solar cells on acrylic," which harnesses energy from the sun to power its private rooms and oversized communal spaces. Interiors are clad in locally sourced wood and furnishings are hopelessly Scandinavian: sparse, pale, and effortlessly cool.

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