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How Martyn Lawrence Bullard Rethinks His Own Old Designs

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In 2007, the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, California, recruited high-end celebrity designer (and "delicious" headlining personality of Million Dollar Decorators) Martyn Lawrence Bullard to revamp its common rooms and Bullard, being the type to engulf even dollhouses in pattern and castle accoutrement, covered the place in neon violet ombr&eacute and palm tree silhouettes. Now, seven years later, he's revamped the hotel's restaurant yet again, swapping out deep after-sunset colors (read: olive green bar chairs) with a breezier version of the hotel's Morocco-meets-California style. It's a revamp that, of course, includes the addition of elaborate wall coverings (his specialty) and giant mirrors. It's a great redo if you totally ignore the fact that the restaurant name, The Purple Palm, now makes a little less sense.

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