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Spot Gene Simmons and Biggie in Pandora's Synesthetic HQ

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Don't work in a super techno-chic office with, say, abstract portraits of Louis Armstrong and Gene Simmons covering the walls? Here, let Pandora curate you a playlist based on the inaudible sound of the world's smallest violin, because the music recommendation service's new NYC office has those, and Biggie Smalls, too. ABA Studio designed these slatted millwork murals to look different based on the viewer's distance and perspective, "suggesting a transformation that is part of our digital age." Work at Pandora East, where an effort was made to "expose as much of the historical construction of the existing building as possible," and then juxtapose that history with glass insertions that are "sleek and highly finished," and your workspace would be a metaphor for the transition from analogue to digital that so thoroughly terraformed the media landscape. Pretty fitting!

Like many a modern office space—whether they be umbrella-filled wonderlands, plastic forests, or viral sausage factories—Pandora's is organized with a mostly open layout, with glassed-in meeting rooms at the edges. The firm describes these as "phone booths" or "crystals," each brightly painted and decorated with a punchcard-like "dot-matrix graphic pattern" that forms a large-scale spelling of the name of the room. The "heart" of the office is its double-height entryway, which is reached, in classic "compress and release" fashion, via a space that betrays none of the color to come. The "Pandora Soundstage," an "intimate amphitheater-style gathering space" for performances and pow-wows, is also not to be missed:

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