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Studio Exec's 1987 Lair on Errol Flynn Ranch Wants $4.25M

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Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Price: $4,250,000
The Skinny: Located on the grounds of the San Fernando Valley's former Errol Flynn ranch, this 1987 residence was meant to be one of four homes on the Australian actor's subdivided property. Designed by Philip John Brown, the architect who masterminded Dick Clark's Flintstones-style SoCal retreat, Flynn Ranch's "House A" was one of only two homes to actually be built according to the plan, which seems to have been something along the lines of "build mod housing for studio execs." To that end, the home features—in order of descending priority for a studio bigwig in the pre-digital era—a screening room equipped with a 35-mm film projector, impressive public areas for parties, and a wine cellar to provide liquid fuel for said parties. There are also impressive city lights views and a bar. It's asking $4.25M.

· 7740 Flynn Ranch Road, Los Angeles, Calif. [Crosby Doe Associates]
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