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Amsterdam Home Might Kick Off a 'Sunken Kitchen' Trend

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Casting aside the much maligned conversation pit for its elusive sunken kitchen cousin, this minimalist family home encompasses the top two floors and attic space in an old Amsterdam building, all renovated by Japanese studio MAMM Design to maximize daily sunlight. Fit with a series of strategic skylights, the family home was also constructed with as much open space as possible, opting for a variation in room levels—like the boxy, house-within-a-house-esque kitchen—to create distinct areas. "They have not been brought up in Amsterdam where they have a lot of gloomy weather," explains the architect of the family's specific building requests. "We took away the stairs, walls and a part of the upper floor's slab, so that the sunlight can spread all over the house." More of the brilliant, all-white interiors, below:

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