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Tommy Hilfiger's Penthouse Re-Lists With Tons of New Photos

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Despite his myriad firsthand experience in the world of high rollin' real estate—designer-decorated Miami pads and lavish Tahoe retreats come to mind—poor Tommy Hilfiger just can't seem to unload his bothersome Plaza penthouse in NYC. First listed as an unfinished fixer-upper for $50M in 2008, the 12-bedroom duplex languished unclaimed for years, despite a bonkers $20M renovation and subsequent bump up in price to a cool $80M. Now, in a last ditch effort, the fashion mogul has relisted the place with a crop of new listing photos that show off lavish, over-the-top decor described as the "glamour of a bygone era coupled with 21st century conveniences" by the brokerbabble. Chosen to match Hilfiger's collection of Warhols, the over-stuffed spread offers neon signage, multiple chandeliers per room, and enough animal prints to almost overshadow the Plaza's iconic dome architecture. Curbed NY has the full gallery, right this way.

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