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Urban Sanctuary Brings an 'Intimate Meditation' Spot to London

Designed as a reminder to harried Londoners that "no matter how dire the situation, it's all going to be ok," Belgium-based firm Wil-Ma's proposed sanctuary—called Faith That the Sky is Not Falling (or just Faith! for short)—invites graffiti artists, yogis, and climbers alike to unwind. Bobbing in the Grand Union Canal Basin, the blank canvas of concrete "urban peninsula" is to be made up of twelve personal meditation units, each with a pyramid shaped shaft that's been punctured by tiny windows to both filter in light and serve as (safe-ish?) footholds for climbers.

Between the towers, public terraces overlook the water and section off into private little alcoves meant for nondenominational "intimate meditation." "It's not about faith in a god or a religion. Rather, it's about having faith in oneself," explains the rather lovely archibabble. "For if the sky is indeed not falling, neither are you." Find a few more renderings, right this way.

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