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An Elementary School is Hiding Under This Astroturf Façade

Because schools shaped like pleated curtains and displaced zoo animals are apparently no longer à la mode, the latest in kooky, kid-centric architecture to come out of France instead headily embraces the somewhat temperamental astroturf-as-decor trend in a big way, effectively covering an entire elementary school cafeteria in Pontault-Combault, France with multi-level recess grounds. Designed by French firm Atelier 208, the Pajot School Canteen's "spatial organization" is meant to focus on the best "flow" for "focused learning," with a steel and concrete frame of jauntily slanted white tiles all interspersed with wrap-around glass walls.

Inside, there's plenty of simple, primary-colored decor, clerestory windows to brighten the place, and—in keeping with the already fertile, edenic vibe—an array of garden planters on the connecting patio. No word from the architects as to whether the the jeunes étudiantes are actually allowed to climb atop their grassy school, but here's hoping.

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