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Tiny Utah Ski Area To Become 2,000-Acre, World-Class Resort

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If you are familiar with any ski area in Utah's Ogden Valley, you probably know Powder Mountain and Snowbasin. But sandwiched in between is a 500-acre ski mountain that now aims to hit the big time. First opened in 1968, Nordic Valley has typically been a local ski hill for residents of Weber County. Now, the mountain's new owner, Josh Richards, is switching the name back to Nordic Valley (it was confusingly called Wolf Mountain for a few years) and investing tons of money to create a world-class ski resort.

So who's behind all the big changes? Josh Richards, an Ogden-based real estate entrepreneur, is heading up a development group of well-financed (but unnamed) local and foreign investors. Apparently they are looking to Europe as a model; the investors went to France for research and hope to create a "nice, boutique resort" with shops and restaurants centered around a "European-style main street."

Here's a run-down on what's to come:

For the 2014-2015 Season: Nordic Valley is currently in the process of cutting new ski trails on the higher southern slopes that skiers will be able to access via snowcat for a small additional charge.

In the next five years:
· A gondola to the top of 8,000-foot Skyline Ridge which would give Nordic Valley over 2,500 vertical feet of skiing.
· New ski trails that would bring their total to over 2,000 acres of skiing.
· Eden Park Real Estate is building a 54-unit condo project with units starting at $243,000. About half of the units have been sold.
· A new resort base area with shops and restaurants set on about 100 acres.
· Zip lines and a single-rail mountain coaster by 2017.
· Tripling of skier visits from 35,000 to over 100,000.
· Expanding their summer mountain biking amenities.

There you have it, Curbediverse. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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