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Drop $1,200 and Kick Back in a Transforming 'Relax Shack'

Despite the fact that micro homes come in literally every shape and size imaginable at this point (A charming Swedish storage unit? Sure! A human-sized Japanese lantern? You got it!) this transforming A-frame "Relax Shack," designed by Derek Diedricksen and built by Joe Everson of the custom construction group Tennessee Tiny Homes, stands out thanks to its accessibility and affordability. Costing just about $1,200 to put together—though "add in some some salvaged, free, or recycled materials," says Diedricksen, "and you could easily build this under $1,000"—the ultimate napping retreat is made from a translucent polycarbonate roofing that attaches with hinges and props up on stakes to expand the space from 80 square feet to 110.

Steps on either side lead into the body of the hut, while around back, a rainwater collection system hooks right in. Inside, there's just enough room for two daybeds with pullout storage, a kitchen equipped with a sink and a mini fridge, and "a micro loft" with a tiny ventilation sunroof. What's missing? Why that would be any semblance of a shower, or bathroom for that matter, so consider parking close to a, uh, real house.

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