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Capital One HQ Ditches 'Bankers Gray' for a Hip Start-Up Vibe

Presented with a 3,500-square-foot industrial space in San Francisco and firm directions not to make the vibe feel too formal, corporate, or, well, bank-y, local firm Studio O+A was tasked with creating a hip, start-up-esque HQ for Capitol One's app development lab. "Capital One Labs is essentially a design studio, and the people who work there wanted it to look like one," explains the firm—whose previous projects include everything from Yelp to Evernote—of the company's desires. "They didn't want to drape it in banker's gray."

Instead, the color scheme favors lime greens and fuchsias, with almost ridiculously hip wall art crafted from fixed gear bikes, and a denim mural weird enough to rival Google's infamous blue hair wall. Other twee, oh-so-start-up accents include a lofted sleeping nook and hangout cubbies upholstered in Paul Smith tartan. See it all, this way.

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