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Fall Skiing Predictions: Early Snow For Jackson Hole & Big Sky?

Sure, it's still summer, and weather predictions are often wrong, but Unofficial Networks reports that according to pow-predictor Accuweather, there will be little drought relief coming to the parched West this fall, the northeast Rockies will see some early season snow, and the Northeast will continue to get hammered with another year of fall frigidity. Read on for where you might want to start planning your Thanksgiving ski vacay, thanks to the Polar Vortex.

Accuweather believes that the northeast Rockies, around Jackson Hole and Big Sky, will see snowstorms as early as October, and temperatures that dip just a couple of degrees lower than normal, and continue to drop as season goes on. This would mean sweet early season conditions for resorts "in the eastern and western Rockies, and Colorado."

Sorry, Sierras. You're still SOL. The drought is predicted to offset any early snowfall from Lake Tahoe to Bend, Oregon. Blame a lame El Niño.

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