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Argentinian Villa is Pretty in a Supervillain Bunker Kind of Way

It's too bad Boris Godunov and Natasha Fatale of Rocky and Bullwinkle arch-villainy fame are not, in fact, real life people, because they would have been the perfect tenants for this villa in central Argentina—second place being every James Bond villain in the franchise. Argentinian architecture studio Estudio Aire used giant blocks—sorry, volumes—to create a cantilevered entrance to House M's sparse, gothic interiors. The client, an artist, apparently wanted "something radical to live in," the architects told Dezeen, "with simple forms, natural light, privacy, and direct views of a lake at the back." So why concrete? Well, besides the fact that bunker-style villas are so de riguer, the architects say concrete "gets old with dignity," meaning it's tough enough to hold up to extreme weather with little to no maintenance. Plus, you know, concrete can look incredible.

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