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This $800K 'House of Freakiness' Takes Clutter to Insane Levels

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Built in 1910 and last cleaned out sometime during that same year, this horrifically cluttered, aggressively grandmotherly home is newly listed for $800K and fully ready for the brave soul who's willing to take on what Curbed Atlanta calls a 2,066-square-foot "antiques store of nightmares." Somewhere amidst the over-stuffed madness, the brokerbabble promises "very charming" original hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, "gorgeous chandeliers," and even beautiful stained glass window. Unfortunately, though, a quick Where's Waldo scan instead turns up about only vaguely medieval portraits, a compendium of lurking gargoyle sculptures, a billion urns, and tiny rooms crammed with entirely too many tables. Take a peek, below, and then head over to Curbed Atlanta for the full experience.

· Can't Stop Staring: Endlessly Fascinating House of Freakiness [Curbed Atlanta]
· 137 Mobile Ave, Atlanta, GA [Estately]