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Santiago Calatrava's Latest Building is Now Ready for Liftoff

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Just in case anyone thought Santiago Calatrava might stray from his time-honored winged, white aesthetic in the face of the public's constant deluge of criticism, this Innovation, Science, and Technology Building for the Florida Polytechnic University is here to prove otherwise. Costing about $60M to complete, the polarizing starchitect's 160,000-square-foot project houses classrooms, labs, and a massive common area in its colorless, spaceship-esque frame, and comes with a roof operated by hydraulics to adapt to the sun's location, thereby reducing the building's solar gain by around 30 percent.

A surrounding skeletal aluminium trellis provides another dramatic dollop of sun protection, and also connects the island campus back to land via narrow pathways. The building is poised to open this weekend, so until then, check out the full gallery over at Dezeen.

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