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Scaly Eco-Cottage Probably Intimidates its Pastoral Neighbors

When a local couple tasked Belgian studio NU architectuuratelier with designing a Passive House that resembles the "traditional brick buildings" in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, something clearly got lost in translation, because while the Leeuw House looks like plenty of things—a friendly visiting spaceship, an oversized computer chip, or a scaly snake that just swallowed a cottage—its bucolic, countryside neighbors are simply not one of them. Though the basic shape is somewhat similar, funky fiber cement tiles sheathe all but a large cut-out panel of floor-to-ceiling windows, which filters in as much natural sunlight as possible.

Inside, the space looks industrial but cozy—sort of a trademark for the firm—with a completely open main floor, and a winding staircase leading up to three bedrooms. "The house is designed like a spiral internal landscape with alternating views to the exterior landscape," say the architects. "As you ascend, the spaces become more private." See it all, this way.

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