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Stockholm Pad Makes an Utter Lack of Furniture Look Cool

For Swedish design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune, the key to distinctive, de rigueur interior style lies not in festooning all available surfaces in antique treasures and artfully contrasting prints, but instead in paring down literally everything in sight until only the best pieces are left, like some sort of ruthless Nordic Hunger Games geared toward colorless sectionals and delicate end tables. In this Stockholm apartment, for example, the victors are a moddish collection of neutral-toned pieces that includes a buttery, deconstructed leather couch, a brass block-turned-kitchen island, and a streamlined farm table, all distributed sparingly enough to make every other minimalist apartment on the planet look like a hoarder's lair.

Lest the place start to feel too controlled, though, an errant chair on the wall and a pair of end tables propped up to look remarkably like enormous sunglasses add a welcomed bit of weirdness. For the full house tour, head over to Nordic Design.

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