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Truman Capote's Hamptons House, From 1976 Arch Digest

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Daniels Lane is technically in the heart of the Hamptons, but American author Truman Capote (he wrote In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany's) liked to say his house, a weather-beaten gray pile cloistered behind scrub bushes and blobby bulbs of hydrangeas, was found in "Kansas with a sea breeze." In 1976 Capote gave Architectural Digest's Rosemary Kent the tour of his abode on Daniels Lane, showing off his Spartan bed chamber, a cloyingly consistent use of unfinished wood, and, of course, his desk. The house, he told AD, was built "by a carpenter who's dead now," which is somehow suitable for a man whose work was always somewhat blithely tainted by the macabre. Even his reputation as both socialite and recluse is encapsulated here; though his house was just blocks away from the homes of James Jones, Willem de Kooning, Jean Stafford, and Kurt Vonnegut, Capote reportedly shied away from their company. He tells AD that, "in the past 14 years, since I've had this house, I've gone out six times for dinner."

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