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A Makeover Nearly Destroyed This Frank Lloyd Wright Home

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According to Zillow, "the money grabbers almost got this Frank Lloyd Wright house," after a supremely bad renovation job in the '80s—there were tacky new columns and decorative, roof-top pineapples involved, apparently—"appalled modern architecture purists" and forced developers into talks of tearing the place down. Luckily, a fanboy of the revered starchitect finally swooped in in 1991 to save the Houston estate, restoring the place to its former glory, and even adding a larger kitchen, a wing of kids' bedrooms and a master suite. Now, the battle-weary but triumphant six-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot home is back on the market for $3.195M, offering FLW calling cards like stained concrete floors, concrete-block walls, and custom cabinetry, plus a sweet pool and patio. After all it has been through, everyone should really take a look:

· Frank Lloyd Wright Design Back From the Brink [Zillow]
· 12020 Tall Oaks StBeinhorn Albert Unr, Houston, TX [Zillow]