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Let Model Erin Wasson Teach You How to Decorate with Trash

Super cool model and jewelry designer Erin Wasson—whose past properties have included a real life treehouse in Venice—recently showed off her new Cali digs to One Kings Lane, where the number one design rule is "if I found it in the trash, it's going up [on the wall.]" Described as her first "grown-up" house, the entire "flea market makeshift" home is painted a neutral white, so as to let all the, well, trash, shine. "Anywhere I've lived, I start banging into the walls first," she tells the site. "I don't believe in a home that feels too precious. People overthink it, but decorating should be an organic experience. I don't want to feel like I'm living on a set."

A hodgepodge of travel souvenirs, needlepoint, 1960s bumper stickers, indoor cacti, and curb-side scores—keep an eye out for an epic peacock chair—the end result looks like an appealing gypsy wagon gone off the rails, and even comes with extra space for an creatively-charged jewelry studio. Take the full tour, right this way.

· Erin Wasson Home Tour [One Kings Lane]