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Come Do Some Stylish Brooding in This Dutch Holiday Hut

Floating alone on the secluded private island of Breukelen, The Netherlands, this serene little cottage by Rotterdam-based firm 2by4-Architects might look pretty standard at first glance—just glassy views and simple interiors in a perfectly house-shaped frame—but actually comes with a whole bunch secret, transformer-like adjustment options based on the weather any given moment. On sunny days, for example, residents can slide open the whole floor-to-ceiling panel of glass, and even fold back one of the adjoining walls to create a structure that's more floating pavilion than actual abode. On chillier days, the place seals up tight, but still sits positioned to maximize sun exposure. As the design team so eloquently puts it, "in the morning cold light shines on the east facade, illuminating the white interior. In the evening the warm light flows into the west facade, announcing the end of the day." See a few more photos and read a bit more poetry, this way.

· A Mini Dutch Holiday House [Contemporist]