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Thomas Edison's Film Stills Coat This Apartment's Entire Façade

Here to put every other college dorm to shame—not exactly a hard task, but still—is Montreal's Edison Residence, which decorates its otherwise simple concrete façade with insanely cool photo engravings of film stills shot by Thomas Edison in 1901. Designed by local architecture firm KANVA, the team chose the footage, which depicts Montreal's horse-drawn fire department clip-clopping rolling down a street, as a cheeky reminder that the current dorm is located on at the site of a massive 20th century fire. Inside, the space looks more like a hip, Euro hostel than a modern-day dorm, thanks to sunshine yellow accent walls and modish communal lounges. Take a look, below:

· Montreal's Newest Concrete-Slab Building Is Brightened With Film Stills by Thomas Edison [City Lab]