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Former Communist Co-op Revamped as a Carpentry School

Built in the late 19th century as a farmhouse and later used as a strict agricultural cooperative during communist regime, this weary stone farmhouse in Předlice, Czech Republic, had sat abandoned since the early 90s before local firm 3+1 Architekti came along and transformed it into a "woodwork training center" for carpentry firm Jacer. Intent on keeping original stone framework intact, the design team inserted the offices, classrooms, and meeting rooms jauntily atop the ruins by constructing a modern, jagged extension from timber and panels of glass. A massive, preserved stone wall even serves as the grand entrance to the space, and leads into the modern, high-ceilinged classrooms within. "Compared to new buildings, using original fragments adds continuity to places where something new emerges," explains the team of their choice. "It wasn't any more expensive." Take a look, below:

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