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Inside Tory Burch's Preppy and Feng Shui-ed NYC Office

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Fashion designer Tory Burch—known for her iconic preppy style, philanthropic efforts, and, around these parts at least, enviable beach real estate—recently opened up her new NYC office to Architectural Digest for a full tour of the exuberantly appointed space. Designed by architect pal Daniel Romualdez, who's also responsible for her some 120 retail outlets, the cozy HQ combines the best style elements plucked from various boutiques, including retro oak wall paneling and Louis XVI–style side chairs inspired by an NYC branch.

In order to ward off too corporate of a vibe, though—Burch apparently requested an "almost residential" feel—Romualdez interspersed these elements with family photos and various travel souvenirs, as well as hand-picked antique pieces. The final step? A visit from a Feng Shui master, who arranged the entire layout to harness "good vibrations that have always been central to the Tory Burch brand." Architectural Digest has the full gallery, right this way.

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