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It's Official: Boyne Resorts Didn't Really Buy Solitude Ski Resort

Spurred by a Facebook post from the Independent Skier Magazine, rumors were flying yesterday that the Boyne Resorts-owned Brighton Ski Resort had just bought the neighboring ski resort Solitude. Although the two resorts have long been connected by a trail known as Sol-Bright, if the merger had happened, Boyne Resorts would have been the sole owner of a 2,250 acre mega-resort. Alas, the sale has not gone through and the two resorts will operate separately in 2014-2015.

So what started such a big rumor? This post from Independent Skier Magazine:

"Massive news from Utah. Solitude Ski Resort sold to the owners of Brighton Resort (Boyne USA). Will both mountains become connected? Stay tuned to independent Skier for updates and more info as it becomes available. "

But here's how John Kircher, the managing director of Boyne Resorts, responded:

"Unfortunately the deal will not happen due to lack of third party financing that was anticipated by both resorts.

Both resorts are disappointed but will operate this coming season as they have for the past many years.

Brighton has been operated by Boyne Resorts since 1986. Solitude remains owned and operated by the DeSeelhorst family since 1986 as well."

Looks like there won't be any big drama out of the Big Cottonwood Canyon this season. Utah will just have to settle for the Park City Mountain Resorts-Vail Resorts battle, the Alta-Snowboard lawsuit, or the infighting over the One Wasatch concept.

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