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Woodland Hallway House is Ultra Zen and a Tad Impractical

Formerly famous for building the "longest house in the world" on a hilltop in Thailand, the eccentric Japan-based Shinichi Ogawa & Associates are back to their old tricks with the elongated S Gallery and Residence in the forests of Mie, Japan. Custom designed to fit the needs of a florist looking for a combination home and workspace, the austere, hallway-shaped abode appears precarious in its perched position at the foot of the Suzuka mountain range—though a secret submerged basement level anchors it in place—and, at the clients request, features an enormous, privacy-forgoing window to help "the exterior green landscape transform into a perfect background setting."

The trade off for such an arresting view? Why that would be the extremely narrow, unwieldily layout the rest of the house is forced into as a result. Though the client and design team dutifully attempted to work around the narrow parameters—mainly by going choosing the "almost no furniture" design route—the space obviously feels more museum-like then homey. Check out the full gallery over at Dezeen, and keep an eye out for the starkest basement rec room known to man.

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