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Nutso Dueling Building Proposal Offers Rice Paddies In the Sky

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While pretty much all vertical garden towers can feel a bit pie-in-the-sky in their earnest wackiness, the gall of this bonkers "extremely mixed-used building" by Mexico City-based Studio Cachoua Torres Camilletti is simply not to be believed. Designed to look like a pair of craggy, squabbling neighbors and connected via precariously angled bridges, the Hong Kong-based proposal features—to name just a few from a very long list—a huge sheet of glass on one side, a "green wall dripping with flowers" on another, and rice paddies and a fish farming facility (yes, really) up on the roof. Somewhere amidst all that, there's also space for harvesting wind energy through a dozen wind turbines, providing mass transit (elevators?) throughout the gargantuan compound, and, of course, housing a bunch of people who effectively never have to leave their apartment building again. More photos of the ideal living arrangement for eco-conscious recluses, below:

· Forget Vertical Farms, This Is a Vertical Rice Paddy/Fish Nursery/Transit Center/Nuclear Plant [City Lab]