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3D-Modeled Version of Futurama's City is Shockingly Beautiful

Inspired by the late-20th-century NYC cityscape from the animated sitcom Futurama—a show developed by the same guy who created The Simpsons—Russian artist Alexy Sakharov decided to give the cartoonish opening credits a photo-realistic, 3D makeover dazzling enough to delight the show's fans and architecture nerds alike. With the help of various computer software programs—including Photoshop and After Effects—Sakharov's sequence (here it is in 2D) gets a better feel for what the warped buildings, billboards, flying cars would look like if it was all a real place today. The result? A stunningly detailed, best-case scenario fate for future metropolises that's some how even more impressive than the real-life recreation of its more popular cousin. Take a look, below:

The Video:

MAKING OF "Futurama 3d (test shot)"

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