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Eight Times Planetarium Design Was Straight-Up Otherworldly

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Completely fitting for buildings designed to house the celestial skies, there seems to be no lack of wonderfully weird, totally alien-esque planetariums dotting the planet today. From starchitect-built projects like the ever-controversial Santiago Calatrava's ribcage-like City of Arts and Sciences and Renzo Piano's jam-packed California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, to totally obscure, globe-shaped structures, some of the architecture out there just might be weird enough to outshine the cosmos. Take a look, below:

1. (↑ and ↓) The Infoversum Theatre in the Groningen, The Netherlands. [link]

2. (↑ and ↓) The Renzo Piano-built California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. [link]

3. (↑) The Adler Planetarium in Chicago. [link]

4. (↑ and ↓) The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium in Montreal, Canada. [link]

(↑) A look inside the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.

5. (↑ and ↓) The Santiago Calatrava-built City of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain. [link]

6. (↑) The Hayden Planetarium in NYC. [Photo by Karen Johnson; link]

7. (↑) The Zeiss Major Planetarium in NYC. [link]

8. (↑) The Tokyo Skytree Planetarium in Tokyo. [link]

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