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Could PCMR & Vail Resorts Be Close to Making a Deal?

There is finally some good news coming out of the lease disagreement between Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker Land Holdings, LLC: at the end of last week the two parties requested an extension to the mediation deadline. Both sides were ordered into mediation in June after Judge Ryan Harris signed a defacto eviction notice but deferred its enforcement. So what does a 9-day mediation extension mean at this point? Curbed Ski breaks it down.

Originally, the mediation deadline for PCMR/Powdr Corp and Vail Resorts/Talisker to reach an agreement was Friday, August 15. But lead attorneys for both sides co-signed a letter to Judge Ryan Harris asking that mediation continue until August 24, only a few days before a key court hearing on August 27.

According to the Park Record, the letter says, "We want to report that the parties continue to work in good faith with the mediator. With the Court's permission, the parties have agreed to continue their mediation discussions until August 24, 2014."

It's the first sign of progress as state law prohibits either side from providing details on how mediation might be going. And people around town are encouraged that there finally might be season-saving deal in the works for their beloved Park City Mountain Resort. The general sentiment seems to be: if they are still talking, then there's still hope.

The lawsuit has had its share of high drama, from PCMR's announcement that they would dismantle lifts if evicted, and tons of anxiety around town about whether or not the ski area would open this season.

But with mediation extended, locals are hoping that an agreement might still be possible. Fingers crossed.

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