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As Predicted, Etsy's HQ is Filled With DIY Crafts and Owl Art

If there was ever to be an office space to crush Pinterest in pure, unadulterated tweeness, it could only be the new Brooklyn locale for the vintage and handmade craft hawkers at Etsy. Stowed away in an old industrial building, the fine purveyors of highly unnecessary goods welcome employees and guests alike with an entryway lined in what NY Mag calls "seriously zany" terrariums, with wood crate seating and a reception desk made from what definitely looks like trash, but probably isn't. Deeper in, a wall of chicken wire covered in 400 square yards of twisting felt separates the various phone rooms and main work floor, as do a pair of enormous owl statues made from old books and yarn, a.k.a the culmination of everything the brand stands for.

Lest any nook or cranny go un-hot glue gunned, the warehouse-like, desk-lined interior space offers cartoony murals, a designated crafting space (duh,) and knitted sweaters for the exposed pipes. And finally, as is the start-up way, ample hangout space includes a "dorm style" hangout area lined in intentionally shabby couches and shag rugs and a picnic-table lined "Eatsy" dining hall which, ok, is actually pretty clever. Take a closer look, this way, and don't forget to pick up an artisan tote or crocheted koozie souvenir on the way out.

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