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Meet a Hyper-Minimal Pad with Disappearing Furniture

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As if trying to overcorrect for a lack of visual stimuli, some designers choose to outfit minimally appointed homes with pieces that are pretty "out there," as it were; things like chairs nailed to the wall and enormous sunglasses hung from the ceiling. Going off his do-over of an apartment in Florence, Filippo Carandini is not one of those designers. A transparent dining room set is about as avant-garde as the place gets, but that's not to say it isn't adventurous. The inspired use of a sliding iron door to separate the living and dining areas is, well, a thing of beauty.

Against a neutral backdrop of white walls and floors of light wood in a herringbone pattern, Carandini left the space with a subtle but strong palette of olive, brown, gray, and green. All of which makes the dramatic silhouettes of the decor all the more striking.

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