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Huge Glass Donut Full of Trees Unveiled for Singapore Airport

Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie, the 76-year-old mastermind behind Singapore's BASE-jumper friendly Marian Bay Sands Hotel, has revealed an addition to the city's Changi Airport that's pretty nuts, even for Singapore standards. The vertical garden-enthused sovereign city-state, which is already home to starchitect-designed stacks of Jenga blocks and forests of curved towers, is planning on turning the 8.5-acre car park in front of one of Changi's terminals into a retail-focused biodome, dubbed Project Jewel, with a cascading waterfall at the center and a $1.5B price tag.

The Changi Airport was voted world's best airport earlier this year at the ever relevant and utterly unmissable World Airport Awards, so naturally, a pie-in-the-sky project from the designer of Montreal's legendary and controversial Habitat '67 apartment complex (who once, it's worth noting, let loose a few choice words on the concept of the globe-trotting celebrity architect) can only make it even better. There's no word yet on when the facility will break ground, but skeptics take note: it totally will, because there are renderings.

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