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Sublimely Organic Australian Home Heads to Auction

Australian architect Robin Boyd often gets compared to his American contemporary John Lautner, as they both stuck mainly to residential commissions and espoused an aesthetic that, in Lautner's case, has been described as "organic modernism." The connection could hardly be any clearer than it is with Boyd's Boyd Baker House, which was completed in 1966 and designed around eight large columns—six double as water tanks, and the other two are for storage—with walls of multi-colored exposed stone, a thatched roof, and a courtyard with a goldfish pond in the center. Last acquired for $1.1M in 2006, the five-bedroom is heading to auction on August 31 with an estimated price of over $1.4M.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a seperate two-bedroom home designed by Boyd and a library by another architect, both on an adjacent 11-acre plot, will be up for grabs at the same time, with expectations of raking in over $559. The 9,688-square-foot heritage listed main house, which sits on 20 acres, has had its timber ceiling beams and the netting over the courtyard replaced by the current owners. Tour the triple-threat below:

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